Cherry blossom festival "take off"

The ‘Pinkest Party on Earth’ kicked off Friday afternoon, and the celebration was just that. Citizens of France, Russia, and Taiwan flocked to Downtown Macon to see why the city is nicknamed the ‘Cherry Blossom Capital of the World’.

Francois Sauzet represented Macon, France, and said, “It tickled me pink just to think that I was going to be able to say that I was there.”

A little after noon, the pink ribbon was cut. Cherry Blossom Festival Founder Carolyn Crayton says she’s amazed that the 500 Yoshino Cherry Trees planted in the early 1970’s could draw such a large crowd.

“In May of 1980, we had 27 countries come here for our Clean World Meeting. And we’ve maintained that international friendship, and everybody loves the cherry blossoms,” explained Crayton.

With people from all over the country thinking pink, the Cherry Blossom Festival also has a major economic impact on Macon.

Festival organizers say the pink filled event brings both industry and tourism to the area.

“Macon has a historic ambiance that we see and that we promote. And people get to come here during the festival, they see it, they fall in love with our city, and they come back," said festival Chair Lee Robinson.

And despite the lack of cherry blossoms in bloom on Friday, event organizers are confident the famous pink blooms will make an appearance.

Crayton added, "We’re so thrilled about this warm sunshine, and the blue, blue sky, and the trees are getting ready to open. They’re going to do their beautiful thing and be open soon in a few days.”

The Cherry Blossom Festival will continue through the week.

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